Gems Swap

Gems Swap

Create tryads of gems, think fast, beat the clock and win the game

Gems Swap is an addictive figure matching game, full of colorful graphics, great playmode and very nice sound effects. In this game you will have to think quick and clear the levels before the time runs out.

A grid full of gems is presented to you on each level, your mission is to swap gems to form a line either vertical or horizontal of gems of the same kind. When a triad of gems is formed it will disappear. For each triad of gems that disappears you will gain more time to continue playing and more points to get a higher score.

To play simply point and click. The only rule you should know is that only the gems that are consecutive can be swapped, in other words, only gems that are immediate neighbors can be swapped, in either direction: vertical or horizontal.

Enjoy this addictive game, and don't succumb to the pressure of a clock ticking right above you. Relax, take deep breaths, have a little patience, concentrate, and think as quick as you can, that is the only way of winning the game.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Improves concentration and fast thinking
  • Entertaining and really addictive
  • Great to play with friends and be competitive


  • None at all
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